The ethos of sustainability is a common thread through all our specifications. At Woodsvale we have planned many “firsts” that will ensure low maintenance costs and ease of future upkeep.

Design Guidelines

Ensuring a cohesive and green community with emphasis on streetscape and architectural consistency

Roads, Walkways and Entry Plaza

  • Aesthetically landscaped entry plaza imparting a sense of arrival.
  • Plastic infused road network that offers a longer lifespan.
  • Pleasant pedestrian parts shaded with green which aid in water absorption and retention.

Natural Energy

  • Renewable energy for common areas and clubhouse lighting using solar and wind power.
  • Power supply through underground cables with transformers, RMU (Ring Main Unit) and feeder -pillars for internal distribution.
  • Power supply of between 5-8 KVA to each plot.

Water and Sewage

  • Water supply is through a hydro-pneumatic system, ensuring constant pressure to all plots.
  • A step-well (Baori) for additional rainwater harvesting.
  • A well-planned STP and usage of grey water for landscaping.
  • A network of saucer drains and holding chambers affording natural contours.


  • 24-hr CCTV surveillance.
  • Manned security 24/7.
  • 2m compound wall extending throughout the property.


  • Renewable energy leading to minimal carbon footprint.
  • Local foliage and species for landscaping resilience.
  • Reduce & recycle ethos through grey-water re-usage.
  • Future proofed soft-scape and hardscape needing minimal human intervention.
  • Efficient usage of renewable energy ensuring lesser maintenance costs.